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On Be-Bop And Other Flavors Of Jam

I have a special relationship with be-bop. In short, I firmly believe, that it ended with the end of it's natural life span.
In the forties.
With all due respect to all modern be-bop (or, to be scientifically correct, hard bop) players, sorry. All you do is rotating carefully rehearsed Parker's and Gillespie's licks in various combinations.
Which is awesome, of course.
There is just no music anymore, just a succession of notes in pursuit of speed and fluidity.
Will have to find another place for jammin'.
Oh, well.

Letter To Congerssman III

The saga continues:
(this time, however, I do have complaints about my congressman's office involvement; although they were faster this time around, all they did was to re-state my previous letter back to me, and advised me to start over)
Dear Mr. Meeks (Ms. Barnes):
In your letter you advise me to file a duplicate I-130 application once again, and “contact the NVC and U.S. Embassy, requesting a letter that states there is no record of your file in their offices”. You don’t even say what I am to do with those letters.
My case was either lost, misplaced, or otherwise thrown away two times now. With all due respect I sincerely doubt that “third time is the charm” technique will work in this particular situation. I am a tax paying citizen of this country, and all I want is for my mother to live with us legally, as she is allowed by law. If everybody at CIS and NVC would be doing their jobs as they are supposed to, she’d be here already.
In a meanwhile, she was refused even a tourist v…

Going On Vacation

Can't wait. Silly, but feels good and strangely optimistic. Haven't had that in a while... and this is just a week long trip to Catskills.

Letter To Congressman II

The continuation of the saga:
(once again, I have no complaints about my congressman's office. They could be faster, but, hey, they might have stuff to take care about, and, hey, they help)
I very much appreciate your help with my case with Citizenship and Immigration Services three months ago (being a naturalized US citizen, I applied for an immigrant visa for my mother; the petition was approved in August, 2006, but the case never made it to National Visa Center, and nothing was happening; you made them restart the application process, and they did so on 28th of February, 2007).
But I am afraid, that now it is happening all over again.
There was no activity on the case for over 90 days (again), I called National Visa Center to inquire about the status of the case (again), the automated information line said that they have no record of the case with this number, and I can’t even get through to a live operator (although I am pretty sure, that the answer will be the same), because …

Listening To Public Radio On The Way To Work

...really helps to mute those annoying voices in your head. Just an observation. Highly recommended, though, for sanity purposes.
On a sad note - yesterday's premiere of Pirate Master turned out to be a total disappointment. The show is slow, uninspired, overprepared and totally faux. It feels rehearsed.
Absolute boredom.
I miss LOST.