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Showing posts from September, 2004


I have abandoned the blog for a while... Due to many legitimate reasons, of course, being out of job (but not work, that's good), for one.
Short recollection of events, which took place during last couple of weeks:
I have completed a small, but reasonably priced project, working with a PHP programmer I have never seen before (we spoke on the phone once or twice).
I have almost finished a client-side JavaScript application for a small NYC production of Valiant; the application is designed to provide "typographic assistance" for the main character during stage performance ("Sally" doesn't speak, she types on her laptop, and the monitor contents are projected on screen - an unusual concept and a lot to type... so, I have come up with a script, which types hard-coded text string letter by letter into the page's HTML on each keystroke the actress makes - no misspeling or missing punctuation...). Being annoyed by the warning sound, which IE|Win makes on every…