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The Song Of Ice And Fire: An Empirical Gudie To Survival of the Game of Thrones.

In no particular order:

You can safely skip the detailed description of the food being served. It rarely has anything to do with the way people consuming the food will die. Besides, there are only two cuisines in Westeros: Northern, where everything is glazed with, braised with, or dipped in honey, and Southern, which is a hot snake stew. The rest of the world eats horse and puppies on a stick.

You don't have to try to memorize ancestral lineage of every character in the books. Most of them will die soon enough, and the rest will talk about their fathers, grandfathers, and grand grandfathers endlessly, so you will learn anyway.

Regardless of how carefully and meticulously somebody plans something, that something will never come through. Once you embrace this simple concept, you will save yourself a lot of disappointment, because everything always goes terribly wrong. Strangely enough, all that does happen is commonly a result of an elaborate plan of some shadowy character, of whom…

{position:fixed} in iOS 6

I stumbled upon this oddity when upgrading to iOS 6 while working on a mobile advertising project, and it took me a better part of the day to figure out what is going on: all of a sudden an element {position:fixed} stopped working in a correct manner (which is staying put, while the page is scrolling), and started "sticking" to the scrolling page, moving out of the viewport, and then just "jumping" back to the correct location after the scrolling was finished.If you scroll this page, you will see it—hint: that's the one labeled "broken"—assuming that you have a correct device/browser combination. Mine was iPhone4 and iOS 6.0 (6.0.1-6.1.3 behaves just the same). On the original page, where I first encountered the problem, all of my elements were created dynamically using JavaScript, but at the end of the day (literally) it become clear, that the glitch is in the iOS 6 CSS implementation.Here is what happens: if you have an element {position:fixed} whic…