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Sony Webbie HD Camera MHS-CM1

Six years ago I bought a Sony MiniDV camcorder, which is still an a good working condition, and does what it is supposed to do. After initial euphoria of taping everything which moves for a couple of years, I kind of drifted away from home-made videography, moving towards home-made music production, so the camera was not used a lot.
A little over a year ago I finally upgraded our family entertainment center to a flat-screen TV, which made me understand how poor the quality of the standard definition home video actually is.
So the caressingly used camcorder is now used even less.
But—Dar's new show is coming up, and needs to be properly documented for many important reasons.
Preferably in a modern day video standard.
So I stumble upon this one:
Sony Webbie HD Camera MHS-CM1
Not only it costs about 1/6th of what I payed for my MiniDV cam, it is four times smaller, ten times lighter (no moving parts, duh) and records up to 5 hours in 1040 HD on a 16GB memory card.
So I grab one.
Did it yester…