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Showing posts from August, 2004

Strange feeling

For some reason, unknown to me, today I made a bitmap version of the logo I designed for myself years ago (I added the word "web" just to have an excuse for doing it). Probably, for therapy - I find pixel-level editing very comforting sometimes.

Another strange thing I did today: googled up Alexander Rastopchin (we use to more or less know each other during my playing at the cafe "Suzorie" back in Minsk more than 20 years ago). Apparently, he moved to New York in 1993, one year after we moved to Cincinnati, and still lives there, still plays guitar (still very well; he was always great, and he only got better, judging by the samples he has on his site), and still builds all kinds of guitar-related gear.
Now I am very tempted to send him an email and say "Hi, remember me?" He, probably, doesn't.
It would be fun to jam some day.

I should be looking for a job

And I am. Between the employment search episodes, however, I posted two new songs to MacJams and my new site.
Seriously, this is that time of the year (or life), I really don't like that much: job hunt (due to a termination of the project I was working on, my contract ends four month earlier than I expected; of course, I don't have anything lined up...)

Nostalgic Bossa Take 2

It's beginning to shape up, or, at least, I think so...
New in Take 2:
Sax (x2) melody out (AULowpass filter to make them sound somewhat like brass)
Vocal (x4) melody out by my daughter Dar (AUParametric Equalizer applied twice - one to kill iMic / Line Level Transformer "dynamic duo" noise, the other one - to remove "p"s; I really should get a decent mic preamp, and windscreen, too. I bounced four mono tracks to one stereo track, then added AUMatrixReverb to set it back in space)
Background strings fill (Apple MIDI "Orchestral Strings")
Sax melody in and solo unchanged with the exception of AUPeakLimiter filter, appears to work very nicely in combination with AUMultibandCompressor, applied to the Master Track.
Last but not least - gorgeous piano solo by McBoy. Actually, more, then one solo - dude, you sent me so much of great stuff, so I still don't know how to put everything in... Consider this a teaser preview :)
I still need:
1. Real guitar, piano, or…