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Isn't it how I always do things?

At some point in my life I should, probably, stop and think about what is wrong with me. I really should. I am noticing alarming tendencies in my behavior, and I am not happy with them, tendencies. I am close to willful acknowledgement of the fact that I always try to do something I can't do for the reason one or another. The only thing that's stopping me from giving up is the amazing fact that whatever I do that I can't do, I end up actually doing. And eventually being able to. I wrote a new song (a while ago), it's already penciled into GarageBand as a bed for solos and such. The reason why I haven't recorded the sax yet is shamefully simple - I can't breathe during the melody. Design defect, so to say: I failed to leave myself a place in the tune, where I can grab some oxygen, darn it. The solution? I am working on it, for two weeks now - practicing the melody over and over. May be, next weekend I will finally be ready to record it, and stop torturing my wif…