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Static titles over video clip

Just a technology I explored yesterday, hope someone might find it useful...

How to make static titles over video clip for iMovie (or any other QuickTime DV editing application).

You will need:

Adobe Photoshop (I used v. 7.0, not sure if Elements would work)
QuickTime Pro (I used 6.3)
iMovie (I used 3.0.3, but 2.1.2 should work just as well)

In Photoshop:
Create a new (720x480 px, transparent fill) .psd file as a template for your titles.
Type your title (creating a new text layer), using whatever font of combination of fonts you want. You can use layer effects as well (Drop Shadow, Stroke, etc.), just make sure you stay within "TV-safe" area, use NTSC colors (there is a filter to adjust that), and remember, that QuickTime does not seem to support Photoshop's layer "blending modes" other than "Normal" very well (the default setting for Drop Shadow effect is "Multiply". If you change it to "Normal" and tune your drop shadow using th…