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What can brown do for you?

Apparently, it can drive you insane, especially if you haven't dealt with it before. They use a number of very simple, but effective methods: They only deliver, when you are not there, e.g. between 9 AM and 5 PM, and leave a note you can't read with a reference number. Since you weren't there, they will deliver again the very next day, making sure they attempt the delivery at the exact same time (because they already know, you wouldn't be there). They will leave a note with a different reference number. They will  try again (same time) next day, and then leave another note with another reference number, marked "final attempt". You will call the number on the note to figure out what's going on. Eventually you will get a live person, who will be very helpful and reschedule the delivery for the time you can be there (after 6 PM). They will deliver again next day around noon, and leave a note with a new reference number. You will call. After getting a li…

Am I hallucinating...

... or did I finally fixed this buggy blogger template (with the help of )? Hasn't been five years... It still refuses to validate, but at least it's not running in quirks mode anymore, and renders in IE the same way it does in Firefox. Fills my heart with joy. Happy birthday to me, too.