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The more I watch "LOST", Or On Building Underwater Hatches

The more I watch LOST, the more I realize, that there are things I really like about that show, and there are things that annoy me - to my own greatest surprise (for I have been a sci-fi fan for as long as I can remember myself reading and watching anything).
The more I watch LOST, the more it looks like the things that annoy me, are, in fact, the very things that cultivated my affection to the genre in a first place - the sci-fi elements, the things unexplainable and non-existent in our boring daily routine, the things that stimulate imagination and challenge common sense. Like space or time travel, and alternative realities, and dangerous species, lurking in the dark in strange places, and amazing gadgets which do wonderful things.
The more I watch LOST, the more I am closing on the conclusion, that what I actually like about that show is dialog, characters, acting, basically anything, but the mystery behind all that. I do realize, however, that the mystery is the foundation of all wh…

Happy Mother's Day!

Just having a good day. Happens to us, too.

Did Somebody Else, Too, Noticed...

...the surprising level of "doneness" of the top 20 songs, submitted for the American Idol Songwriter Competition is, indeed, just a sign of how well-equipped and prepared all the aspiring songwriters in this country are? I, naturally, expect the work of the professional to be of a better quality, than that of an amateur, but what was that crap about " don't have to be a singer, we are going to judge the song, not the performance..." and "...simple rendition with a basic accompaniment is fine...". Yea, right. Just listen to all 20 BORING songs, presented for the America to vote upon.
Another thing which surprised me, was how strangely familiar all of the songs were. I had to force myself to give a couple of them a rating of 7, and that was just because they didn't sound like something I just heard. The rest - in my honestest opinion - deserved no better than 3s and 4s.