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iMovie3: Why do you think they will even try to fix it?

I've been monitoring the Apple Discussions ever since I foolishly "upgraded" to iLife. I've been keeping track of people reporting bugs, and people, suggesting hacks and workarounds. I've been running my own tests and following suggestions.
All I wanted to accomplish was to regain the ability to export to MiniDV tape two projects, I had compiled in iMovie2 just hours before I installed iLife (I know, that was stupid).
Nothing worked.
I can live with occasional crashes, awkward default settings, slow interface, loosing control of the camera, and many other bugs. Before yesterday I didn't even care about burning DVDs, although I was planning to do it in future.
All I wanted was my video signal to be in sync with my audio signal, regardless of the length of the movie.
It wasn't.
I have come to the point, where I created a brand-new project, hooked up the camcorder, and imported one hour of footage - directly to the timeline (standard tape speed - 60 min., 16…