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The Tsunami Showdown

[-] - Off key, [+] - On key

In order of approximate appearance:

Madonna [---] - horrible, just horrible. Some news network the next day commented: "...not sure, if John Lennon would agree with this version..." (imagine singing "Imagine" in like three different keys in a rapid succession...)
Maroon5 [-] - alternative. Very.
Mary J. Blidge [-] - she should apologize to Stevie for murdering his song...
Bryan Williams (Beach Boys) [-] - profoundly pathetic...
Norah Jones [+] - such a sweet hart, always...
Gloria Estefan [+] - consistently perfect. Can't hold, not gonna. Still good.
Elton John [+++] - fabulous, just fabulous. Incredible performance.
Sara McLaughlin [+]
Josh Groban [+] - a bit shaky, when he speaks, belting is perfect
Stevie Wonder & India.Arie [+/+] - oh, look, I can sing two octaves lower, than him :)
John Mayer [+?] - since he has no detectable voice, it's very hard to say if he was on or off :) Plus for the effort. And he can play guitar, kewl…